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I let you paint the first colors on my canvas
first color in my cheeks
Little did I know you had already smeared me with your fearful ashes
And little I continued to know while you stayed silent,
Letting me sink into love
With a coward.
So when your guilt came up and out your throat,
When you could no longer hold your smoke in,
My lungs rejected too.
I was deep, 1,000 leagues under the sea,
Miles deep in my love for you I gasped for air
And found only salt water.
Stung like my whole body was an open wound,
Tuned by your fingers, my strings broke
And as I choked for air kicking to dry land
Confused tears and eyes full of sand,
I simply could not understand how you held your breath for two years.
I guess I should have held mine, too.
Because now when I breathe there's a hitch,
Like the hitch before a sob, hitch an insult to my injury, the hitch you had thought so far ahead for,
But couldn't think ahead to the far shore of the next morning. 
Mourning my pride, I go under the tide
Because still, I cling to your second hand smoke, as mine now does to me.
I choke when I breathe, my air pollution as much a symptom of self hatred as a grab for control.
The pain takes its toll, so I take a deep drag
Drag like the anchor, drag like the one you took when your conscious appeared, two years late.
Drag like dead body weight, like the drag back down to Hades because you had to look back, didn't you.
But you're the buoy I'm attached to, and I'm no good at goodbye,
So I light you back up like a refry
Because there's no nicorette for your love. 
You ashed on my arteries and put your butt out on my heart,
But didn't tell me till the smoke cleared, must have feared my reaction.
But still I remain here, smeared and ashen.

Its absolutely abstract an

artistically articulated

but I better be butting out the beauty's beating me

Clearly Im a caffeine cretin coffee castaway

Demanding distress on this

dreadfully damp dreary day

Each eager echo emphasizes the

edges of effigies, entertaining egoism,

my elgaic ebullience.

This fable, a kind of facetious fallacy frightens me

Growing greener with each grisly gastrectotomy

Heres hell and heres heaven,

how to hack heads from heals, hereditary heartbreak and how hemlock heals

Indeed I identify with Icarus

Its precious,

In-advisably impulsive, repulsive but I am

Impractically intimate with incense,

Intricate idiosyncrasies,

Just jabber with me,

Jaunty jazzy jargon

juicy jugular junk,

jutting juvinillity

Keep kneeling to karma,

kicking the king,

knuckling kaleidoscopes

keen kerosene katharsis

Don't let the Lackluster labyrinth lower you,

level it- lacerations are ladders

limp lighthearted, lopsided logistics and

Leary lycanthropy let me

Manage myself.

a malcontent mannequin

marginal and moody

Needing nothing near narcosis

neither numb nor nuzzling noxious nullity

Oh, obligatory opacity

oppressing optic orchestra

our overburdened ozone like an overy, ossification

Perhaps peace is perspicuity

pervading phantoms pry

Quietly, quarantined in quotation marks

Rude and radical, reiterating the rage

reply with raindrops, rennovative ridicule.

Stop straightening, saturation is salvation

send shivering spines to simpler times,

sort our secular form spectacular

stale speculations become superstition.

Tactical tedium tells tales

the tenor of trying is tantalizing.

Uncover your utilization

undress the world,

uprisings and utopias all undone

Valintry. Very vague, isnt it?

variant in viscosos versos

verdant verve can vivify the vulgar,

vulture of the vulnerable.

Wait, what?Whos wallowing?

those walking at the wake,

still walking with the wonder and war,

weird web of the wild wonderland world

we Xanthochroids need


extinguish xenophobia with Xenia

yield to yourself yet,let youthful yells yellow.

practice Zany zealous zen.

Zesty zigzagging zippy zooid

not zombies,

no zymosis.  

Better bet I can fight like an animal, 
Planning and forethought all rots till Im gone 
Just another Rottweiler chained up to the lawn. 
Just another lawn ornament to put in your papers to say that Im wrong 
That the peaceful protests and songs never happened 
That all this shit is just some white girl rapping 
And man it all adds up but Better bet
I fight like an animal, Hands up-
Don't shoot. 
Shoot, this shit aint easy, Feeling stuck 
Lady luck is a bitch but the draw aint from a pistol, Its a shit shoot of genetics.
Yeah I know Ive said it already, but I fight like an animal
When its my pride thats threatened
Bettin I can fight like a pride of lions
Vettin me to see if I can speak about what Im seeing
This aint no screening
And justice aint blind if they can hear you screamin.
In the back of the van. 
Its not just one black man.
Kicked on the curb like a trash can 
Could sure use a black and tan when this shit looks less grey
And more black and white.
Its a fight that shouldn't have to be fought twice 
When we're fucking with plant genes all spliced
A roll of the dice shouldn't decide 
Someones life plan, someone else life span. 
See Ive got this obligation to read the disclosed investigation
Because I don't want to be in association with this form of assassination
We need to have this conversation I want to see the decriminalization of race
Place the education of deviation in priority
No more hospitalization with out identification of Toy guns. 
Ive got this determination to not see discrimination become a part of Americanization,
were a nation of poor communication 
But when there's a correlation
between illegal discrimination and 
Court granted reasonable doubt
Its not enough to shout.
And I cant breathe.
Holding the skin of my own neck in my teeth, 
And if you see me on the street don't bleach me like so many coral reefs.
I've got profound disbelief our commander in chief isn't taking action
Lets do some scheming make a chain reaction, 
Because justice aint blind when they can hear you screaming.
out of the frying pan 
Into the back of the van. 


Makala Maclagan
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Current Residence: Denver, Colorado
Favorite genre of music: Alternative, Industrial, Indie, Rock, Electronica, Pretty Much all of it.
Favorite style of art: Abstract- but conceptual, not geometric crap.
Operating System: Chaos.
MP3 player of choice: Ipod
Shell of choice: Sea?
Wallpaper of choice: Favorites on Deviant
Skin of choice: Mine. Just kidding, I hate my skin.
Favorite cartoon character: Crysta from Fern Gully

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